Image Editor

Photo Mate comes with a Non-destructive Develop-Module This means you can change image settings like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and always revert to your original image. Of course, Photo Mate supports to develop RAW-Images in Full-Resolution and actual raw-data decoding. The editing functions include all common adjustments like Clarity, Luminance, Lens corrections, Cropping and Straightening, and even layer-based adjustments.* Use templates to save your favorite processing options.*


Image Viewer

Of course, you can view your images in full-resolution. Beside common formats like JPG and PNG, the app also views almost any common RAW-Image format and even Photoshop-PSD files. If you need more information about your image, you can show all the EXIF-Data.


Image Library*

Find and organize your images easily! Photo Mate helps you to find images by grouping relevant metadata like camera, exposure settings, iso, ratings and more in your image library. Order your images based on capture dates easily!



Image Browser

Photo Mate offers a folder-based browsing of images on your device or external storages**. Of course, you can filter your images based on rating, labels or even keywords you set before.


** in order to browse files on external storages, your device must be able to mount them



A list of included features

  • Raw-Viewing and decoding (cr2, nef, arw, dng, ...)
  • Star-Ratings, Labels, Keywords and Descriptions, compatible to Adobe Lightroom
  • Exif-Data display for jpg and raw files
  • Exif copying when developing raw-files (jpg export only)
  • Editing Whitebalance in kelvin (raw only)
  • Editing Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation
  • Edit Curves for Grey, R, G, B as well as Saturation curves
  • Editing Hue, Saturation and Lumiannce based on color
  • Smooth Luminance both Chroma and Black-White*
  • Create Gradient, Circular, Brush, Lasso and Threshold Layers*
    • For all layer types:
      • Adjust Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation
      • Adjust Curves
      • Add Blur, Coloring effects or Hue shifting
  • Save edited images as JPG, PNG or TIFF
  • Set output-size, output-quality (jpg only) and store output-settings as presets*
  • Create watermarks and set position to overlay on export*
  • Stack images as panorama, hdr or noise-reduction (beta)
  • Convert or edit multiple images as a batch*
  • Manage images in library and filter them based on date, camera, iso, aperture, exposure, rating or label*
  • Compare images side-by side including exif-data*
  • Show images in a slideshow
  • View geotagged images on a google map*

* This feature is only available in the full, paid version