[...] Despite some minor quibbles at just under $10 Photo Mate R2 is a no-brainer for Raw shooters who already own a decent Android tablet and a more than viable backup solution for photographers who usually prefer to process Raw files on a laptop or desktop.  Thanks to the compact dimensions and low weight of tablets it could also be the software of choice for Raw shooters who like to travel light. 

Lars Rehm, dpreview

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[...] Still, Photo Mate R2 offers similar editing options to those from Lightroom, making the process worthwhile to endure.

Jack Chaiyakhom

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[...] Unlike GIMP/Inkscape, Photo Mate R2 is a fairly easy to use editor, allowing you to do a variety of adjustive edits, such as altering the curves of selected regions of a photo, etc. The UI is straight forward and does not get in the way of the photo you are working on. It has live visualization of the photo, as you edit. It has a beta ability to stack images so that you can create real HDR images from multiple shots. This is likely the pioneer of what future mobile editing apps will be capable of.

Jacob Matthew Dix, Mobilography

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