Greatly Improved Performance, 64-Bit Support & Bugfixes

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This update now supports native 64-Bit codes. When 64-Bit for Android got introduced, we didn't find it stable enough and the performance gain was not noticable. But after a few months and toolchain improvements, we found it's worthwhile to support it.

This means you get a performance gain of up to 65% on suitable devices!

Check the charts below to see it for yourself:

Used Device: Samsung Galaxy S7

Time includes decoding raw image (Sony RX100 M3 / Sony A7Rii uncompressed) and saving as jpeg in full size

Default editing includes Whitebalance, Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance, Sharpening, Color-Noise
Extended inlcudes all of Default + Lens-Distortion and Luminance


The update also includes Bugfixes in Editing and new camera profiles